About Us

MoreThanFair is a community of organizations dedicated to improving access to affordable and inclusive credit for American consumers and small businesses. While access to credit hasn’t improved materially in several decades, we believe that modern technology and data science can now make lending more inclusive, more transparent, and more fair.

Achieving that promise requires a collaborative effort by the private and public sector to ensure that models are properly supervised and rigorously tested under a well-understood framework. With a focused effort, real and lasting progress is possible.

We Believe

  1. America needs faster progress toward a more inclusive and affordable credit system nationwide.
  2. Modern technology and data science, under proper public and private supervision and regulation with a focus on equity and inclusion, can make more progress toward this goal than we’ve seen in decades.
  3. Fairness standards and testing requirements should apply equally to all lenders and all methods, irrespective of underlying technology or process.

MoreThanFair Community

The undersigned organizations agree on the above principles and are committed to ongoing dialogue about advancing both financial inclusion and anti-discriminatory protections and policies in consumer finance. The inclusion of organization names or logos on this site does not imply endorsement of any product or company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does putting my logo on the MTF website mean?

It means that you want to see America make progress on fair, inclusive, and transparent lending and that you view constructive dialogue between a diverse set of stakeholders as a way to help move towards that objective. Your logo on the MTF website does not imply an endorsement of any product, company, or policy priorities.

Are there any financial commitments needed to join MTF?

No. There are no financial commitments to join the MTF initiative. The only cost that you or your organizations might incur are expenses to travel to periodic convenings.